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Event Planning Tips: 5 Event Trends for 2023

POSTED Wednesday, January 11, 2023

If you’re wondering what the next big trends in the event industry are, you’re not alone. Event organisers are always looking to bring the latest advancements to corporate events, providing a memorable and engaging experience for attendees. Here are 5 top event trends to look out for in 2023.

Going Hybrid Becomes the Norm

The covid pandemic forced the events industry to change up its methods to survive. During 2020 and 2021 we saw a major shift towards virtual events. Exclusively online and making use of the latest technology, virtual events allowed everyone to attend from the comfort of their homes.

Now that we’re able to meet in-person once again, the best bits from virtual events are being utilised to provide remote access as well as in-person experiences. These are known as “hybrid” events. These include passive activities such as watching video streams of the conference speakers, as well as interactive elements such as online chat, Q&A sessions, and interactive event experiences on websites or apps.

A 2022 survey found that “72% of respondents believe they will get more value out of attending a hybrid event in person.”. It’s clear to see that we are all eager to meet in person again, but that statistic also highlights that there are 28% of people feel they get everything they need from attending an event virtually. This is where hybrid events are thriving. They allow more people to attend, more data to be collected, and also mean that people can attend “on demand” rather than just being restricted to the live sessions.

When looking for your event venue, making sure that there are good audio, video and streaming technologies as well as a fast internet connection are all absolutely essential in the new age of hybrid events.

Increased use of A/V Technologies

Tying in with the increase of hybrid events, the use of audio and video technology to enhance event experiences is on the rise.

A great event A/V package is something to look out for when booking a corporate event venue. From recording your key speakers and seminars, to live streaming, digital signage, and displays or providing engaging audio-visual presentations. Making use of the latest A/V technologies has never been so important and has never been easier! A great A/V team can make or break your event these days, so be sure to make it a priority when booking your venue.

Data Driven Decision Making

Virtual events are opening up a whole new world of data to event organisers. Now organisers are not only collecting names, email addresses, and phone numbers, they’re also able to look at demographics, geographic data, age, gender, interests, and much more. 

Organisers are able to measure metrics such as “attention time” and “engagement” which are providing new insights into how attendees interact with events. Being able to see where attendees focus their attention, and for how long they are engaged with the subject matter means that the event planning industry is finding new ways to make decisions.

One example is that organisers are using this data to plan how long seminars and conferences should last to maximise engagement with the audience. If the keynote speech is two hours long, but data shows that the audience loses focus after 45 minutes, hosts can plan for short breaks, or break the talk up with an interactive section in the middle to boost audience engagement and refresh them for the second half.

There is now such a wealth of data at our fingertips that it would be wise to make full use of it when planning your next event. For example, you could incorporate a feedback and rating system so that your audience can tell you just how much they enjoyed each aspect of the event. Take every opportunity to collect and analyse data, as this will directly impact the success of future events.

A Focus on Sustainability

Sustainable event venues are much sought-after. Event organisers and attendees are all in agreement that green is the way to go. With the ever-present warnings about climate change, we all want to feel that our actions are not impacting the state of the planet.

A survey conducted by the Global Business Travel Association found that 89% of respondents identified sustainability as a priority, while only 14% thought that the events industry has made good progress in this area. This leaves a huge gap between what attendees say that they want, and what they feel events are currently providing. Ensuring that your event is focused on sustainability is a surefire way to align with the ideals of your attendees.

Increased Accessibility Features

Accessibility of your event is a must-have, and we’re not talking about how close your event venue is to public transport (although that’s important too!).

We’re talking about making sure that your in-person and virtual event aspects are accessible to people with different types of needs. Making your event accessible to all people has never been easier, and there are plenty of technologies to help.

There are traditional assistance methods for your in-person event. Is there step-free access to the venue? Disabled toilet facilities? Disabled parking? Are there induction loops installed for the hard of hearing? Have you provided sign-language interpreters? 

With the rise of virtual events, there are also many more accessibility features available to organisers. Live subtitles and even live translation technologies are available to ensure that your web streams are accessible to deaf, hard-of-hearing, and international audiences. Think about whether you need to provide an audio description as well. Your virtual spaces should be optimised for screen readers, and any text on images should also be written in text form to ensure they’re available to everyone.

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